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The cost of live in care

How much does Live in Care costs and what help is there with funding a 24/7 living in carer for around the clock care


Live-in care enables anyone with care needs to continue living in their own home with the assistance of an around the-clock care worker. Whether you just need some companionship or you have some specific health issues that mean you require extra support, live-in care provides a full-time solution and is a realistic and affordable alternative to moving into a care home. By living in your home, our care workers can help you to live independently.

Choosing care for a loved one is not an easy decision, as every family situation is different. To make an informed choice you need to know your options and the difference between the care services available – along with the costs incurred by each.

The cost of live in care is very much dependent on the care needs of the person or persons being supported and their preferences.

Typically the cost of our live in care packages are comparable to, or less than the cost of, a residential care or nursing home. Here, we’ve explained some of the various funding options available to you.

Funding from your local authority

In the first instance, we would recommend contacting your local authority to see if they are able to cover some of the costs involved in your care plan. Individuals with income or savings above a certain threshold may not be able to claim relief from local government. The Money Advice Service provides more information on how to find out if you are eligible for funding from your local authority – at the very least, you will be entitled to a care needs assessment.  

Are you entitled to benefits?

Many people will be entitled to certain benefits from the state, which can go some way to paying for their live in care. There are a number of different benefits available, including:

Pension Credits
Savings Credits
Attendance Allowance
Disability Living Allowance
Constant Attending Allowance
Carer’s Allowance
Council Tax Benefit

Could you claim a personal health budget?

As of October 2014, individuals who have been receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare have been able to claim a personal health budget. The money provided can be used to set up a care package with an independent care provider such as ourselves, with the support of your local NHS team.

Could you draw upon an Immediate Needs Annuity?

An Immediate Needs Annuity can provide a guaranteed, regular income that can help you meet the cost of care. In the first instance, you will need to pay a one-off fee when you purchase the annuity.

Funding your care privately

You can, of course, choose to pay for care yourself with savings. Alternatively, some people decide to release the equity in their home in order to pay for their care needs.

If you would like to discuss funding for live in care in more detail, please call our team on 08004714741.

Our weekly live in care fee covers:

•    A fully managed live in care package. We directly employ, manage, train and develop all of our live in carers.
•    Dedicated live in carers providing one to one around the clock care.
•    Live in care rotas to ensure long term consistency of care.
•    Holiday and sickness will be covered by one of our other directly employed carers.
•    Extensive support from our expert management team and support teams to support you and your carer.
•    The cost of the carer’s travel to and from your home.

Our live in care fees contain no hidden extras, and there is no VAT to be added.

On your initial contact with one of our experienced assessors, we will be able to provide you with an estimate on the cost of the live in care package. Following this conversation we are able to arrange a free assessment so that we can come and discuss the care requirements in more detail.

Cost of live in care for couples

We are focused on helping couple to continue to able to live together in their own home, and to help ensure that the live in care package is affordable we would only charge an additional nominal amount for couples, unlike the costs associated to going into a residential or nursing home; many homes will charge a weekly fee for both individuals.

Live in care fee changes and cancellation

Your fees will not change, other than as a result of an annual inflation increase, or unless your care needs materially change. For further information, please contact one of our dedicated assessors.

Our carers

All of our carers are directly employed, police-checked and trained by us. They have on-going training and supervision to make sure their skills are up-to-date and high professional standards are maintained. In addition, appraisals are conducted whereby a carer’s performance and achievements are assessed and feedback is sought from those being cared for. Families are also encouraged to provide comments on the service.