Our Live In Carers

Carer with woman reading card

Our Live in Carers

All of our Living in carers are directly employed, Police checked and trained by us.They are carefully selected for 24/7 around the clock care

They have on-going training and supervision to make sure their skills are up-to-date and high professional standards are maintained. In addition, appraisals are conducted when a carer’s performance and achievements are assessed and feedback is sought from those being cared for and their families for comments.

Staff are instructed to always address those they look after by their preferred names and are exceptionally respectful. Staff have training in privacy, dignity, respect and communication skills.

They are also happy to cook proper meals for you, as most users of our service want food to be cooked using fresh ingredients. This offers the best nutritional value from food and often is a good opportunity to involve those we look after in activities that support their independence as well as giving good mental stimulation too as people are engaged and making choices about the things that they do and the things they eat.

Our staff are happy doing everything in the home that is needed, this includes washing, ironing and hoovering and of course, all personal care too.

They will often work with a family for long periods and around three or four weeks at a time is not uncommon. We are very keen to have the same people look after your relatives as much as possible so that they get to know all about them.

We will work hard to get a really good match and find someone that fits in well to the home as well as being a good carer.

Carer with service user.

As we directly employ our staff, unlike some other companies, we pay all national insurance and inland revenue duties leaving you are free not to worry about employment law, maternity pay, training, references and checks of police and safeguarding clearances. You are free to build on your normal relationships with family members without having to worry about making sure that everything is done the right way in the home.

There are no extra charges made to you for the service we provide. When at the home though the carer is considered to be at a place of work and is not asked to contribute towards any expenses including electricity and other utility bills, food or for any petrol used in their own car if they take the person they are looking after to appointments or outings on request.