Live in Care for Multiple Sclerosis

Live in carer holding a clients hand

24/7 Live in Care for Multiple Sclerosis. How a Living in carer can help.


Multiple Sclerosis, often shortened to MS, is a neurological condition that is characterised by damaged nerve fibres (myelin). Because of the importance of the nervous system in the body, this damage can cause a wide range of symptoms, and these symptoms often result in various disabilities in the patient.

Approximately 100,000 people in the United Kingdom have MS and most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40. MS is known to affect nearly three times as many women as men.

Standard symptoms displayed by those with Multiple Sclerosis are as follows:


Chronic fatigue is different from simply feeling tired – MS sufferers will often fee completely and utterly exhausted and will struggle to carry out simple activities.

Problems with vision

In around 25% of MS cases, the patient can experience loss of vision, colour blindness, pain in the eye, flashes or double vision.

Numbness / tingling

Various parts of the body – often the arms, legs and the trunk – will feel numb or ‘tingly’.

Spasms, stiffness and weakness in muscles

Muscle contraction, stiffness or general weakness could be indicators of MS.

Problems with mental health

Aside from cognitive dysfunction, MS patients are more prone to periods of anxiety or depression (or both). Mood swings can also become apparent.

Problems with the bladder and/or bowel

Constipation is a common issue, as are many problems with passing urine, including the need to go more frequently.

General pain

MS sufferers can experience pain that’s either directly caused by the condition, or as a result of other symptoms. This can include both neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain.

Live in Home Care for Patients with MS

Due to the nature of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), patients with the condition can often have complex needs. But in order to retain their independence and live as normal a life as possible, many people choose to remain in their own home, supported regularly by a live in carer.

Our agency is highly adept at developing live in care plans for MS sufferers. We always seek to carry out a full assessment in the first instance to gauge an in-depth understanding of your requirements; we’ll also talk extensively to friends and family to ensure we take their needs and preferences on board, too. 

Once we have established the best way forward, an experienced live in carer will be assigned to the patient. We’ll make sure that he or she is a good fit for the role – after all, the carer will be spending a great deal of time in the home, so it’s vital that they get along and have things in common! Your home care assistant can of course help with all manner of everyday tasks that might perhaps be difficult, such as cooking, bathing and keeping the home clean and safe – but they’re also on hand to help you cope with the psychological demands of MS, and ensure that you’re able to work, study and socialise to the best of their abilities. We want you to be able to make the most of every moment, regardless of your limitations. This is a vital aspect of our care packages and a tangible benefit for those who choose home care instead of placement in a hospital or residential facility. 

Many people with MS will, at some stage, be able to control their symptoms to such an extent that they are able to enter into remission. At this point, around the clock care may not be needed. If the patient experiences a relapse, however – and symptoms worsen significantly – Independent People Homecare are on hand to provide short term live in care for Multiple Sclerosis on a flexible basis.

We are also able to deliver respite for those who care for a loved one with Multiple Sclerosis. Supporting a friend or family member around the clock can take its toll, and it’s so important to find time to relax and recuperate. This is where our live in carers can step in.

For more information on how we can assist with live in care for Multiple Sclerosis , or to discuss your unique needs with a member of staff, please call 08004714741 now.