Staff Training and Development

Our Live in carers are reliable and good at their job because of the excellent training, support and development they receive


Independent People Homecare is committed to ensuring that our carers receive the best possible training at every point in their career. We want to provide unrivalled training and support to our staff that enables them to deliver an exceptional service to vulnerable individuals and their families. 

Staff must first successfully pass our rigorous selection and recruitment process. We take a great deal of pride in what we do, so we adopt a highly meticulous approach towards choosing the right people to represent our company. 


Care Induction Programme


Once recruited, the carer will be enrolled into an in-depth induction programme which delivers expert training in the elements needed to achieve the required care certificate. These are:


• Health & safety

• Safeguarding, including whistle blowing

• Person-centred care 

• Equality & diversity

• Privacy & dignity 

• Communication and different styles

• Medication and the completion of medication administration records

• Moving & handling and operating different equipment

• Food hygiene and management, including diabetes, nutrition and hydration 

• Infection control

• Dementia 

• Mental Health, MCA

• Neurological considerations

• Staff roles and responsibilities 

• Duty of care 

• Practical stimulation for using a hoist and other equipment

• Catheter use and care

• Care incorporating PPE’s

• End of life care 


We also ensure that our in-house trainer is available to deliver support and refresher sessions where needed. Our in-house physiotherapist is also on hand to offer their specialist expertise in order to expand our staff’s skill sets.

The care certificate portfolio developed for each individual member of staff will demonstrate that they have gained the necessary knowledge and experience by carrying out the following:


Live in carer being shown caring person centered approach from a trainer

• Shadowing experienced carers in the workplace


• Being supervised on a one-to-one basis


• Undergoing regular observations; staff receive regular phone calls for monitoring purposes, and records of these calls are made in our training database


• Undergoing random spot-checks to ensure quality of work is maintained


• Attending regular face-to-face training and development meetings


• Collecting witness statements from service users and other staff 



Carers are also taught the theory behind the Human Rights Act, the Manual Handling Regulations and general health and safety guidance in both a practical classroom setting and in a live working environment. Staff are observed and the trainer will formally record evidence of the theoretical and practical applications of all laws and regulations. 

 In line with national guidance, the care certificate must be completed within the carer’s three month probationary period. 


Developing Individual Care Training Programmes


Every one of our carers can expected to receive fully tailored support to help them reach their maximum potential. 

 We know that everyone learns differently, which is why we undertake a personal learning and thinking skills analysis on all new staff to identify their preferred method of learning at the very start of their induction.  

 We will then create a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to make sure that all of the individual’s needs are met throughout the training period and that they are adequately prepared for the full framework programme. We also liaise with external training providers, who can offer additional support in areas such as Maths and English if the individual would like to expand, or brush up on, their functional skills. 

 Our computer system and training matrix helps us keep track of completed tasks and enables us to schedule in reminders for upcoming training. Progress is measured against our KPIs on a daily basis.  


Further Training Opportunities


Staff who are keen to progress within their career can undertake our leadership training programme, which is assessed by our own in-house trainer. We offer a Senior Carer Induction scheme, with diplomas at levels 2 and 3. Short VRQ courses are also available for those who wish to broaden their knowledge of specific subjects. 

 For more information on our live in care training programmes, please contact Independent People Homecare today.